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Our Story

EXND Diving & Marine Services, LLC. was founded in December 2006 to provide the Highest Quality commercial diving to Federal, State, Local Governments and all Civilian entities. We provide a variety of diving services from Construction & Demolition to Inspections and Quality Assurance Evaluations. Whether cleaning up environmental accidents to salvage and heavy lift operations EXND Diving is the company for you.

EXND is a Service Disabled Veteran Small Business that provides professional diving and marine services to government agencies (federal, state, and local) as well as to the private sector, including: 

  • Diving Consulting/Instruction (Special Operations, Rescue, and Salvage)

  • Security Swims (Homeland Security) Harbor Clearance

  • EOD Locating Operations

  • Environmental Cleaning (HAZMAT)

  • Rescue / Salvage / Heavy Lift Operations

  • Vehicle Recovery

  • Hull Inspections and Cleanings

  • Pier Inspections / Bridge Inspections / Culvert Inspections / Dam inspections

  • Pier and Bridge Removal / Demolition

  • Side Scan Sonar, Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) Inspections and Locating Service

  • Underwater Cable Location

EXND is registered in CCR and ORCA, with DUNS # 801160404 and Cage Code # 4SXH7. We hold Marine Contractors Insurance which can be found in CCR.


  • Association of Diving Contractors International Consensus 6 Standards

  • OSHA 29 CFR1910.401 -1910.441 Sub Part T Commercial Diving Operations

  • Coast Guard DHS, Subchapter V – Marine Occupational Safety and Health Standards Part 197 – General Provisions Subpart B Commercial Diving Operations

  • Army Corps of Engineers EM3851-1 Section 30 Diving Operations

  • US Navy Diving Manual Rev.6