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Commercial Experience

Quality Control for British Petroleum Umbilical / April 2010
EXND performed Quality Control checks on a 9,000 foot umbilical which controls the power head for BP’s Atlantis Project. We were responsible for reviewing documents and the end product, ensuring that all specifications were met from the client to the manufacturer. EXND was given high praise for finding a major critical error in the manufacture of this umbilical which could have caused millions in delays. Read more...

Inspection of 2 Marinas at Lake Mead AZ/NV - This was an inspection on a floating marina to establish conditions of materials and time line for replacement. Working with Schofield LLC on this project.

Sailboat Recovery, Niceville, Florida / December 2006-Febuary 2007
EXND was selected to remove a 9 ton sailboat sunk during Hurricane Ivan at Giuseppi’s Wharf in Niceville, Florida.  The project included 4 divers and the use of various lift balloons to break suction and bring the sailboat to the surface. Once the sailboat was at the surface, a 50 ton crane was used to pick-up the boat and brought it to shore for dismantlement.

Underwater Ships Husbandry / December 2006 – Present
EXND has performed various underwater inspections and cleanings on personal watercraft as well as commercial craft ranging from 30 feet to 120 feet. We use the Rupert scale to determine the condition of running gear and give a fouling rating as well as paint degradation.