EXND testing

EXND testing










Test & Evaluation

EXND provides field testing and data feedback on diving equipment, accessories, and parts. With a multitude of diving environments from cold water to hot water, EXND can put your equipment to the test. We don’t test in a dive tank, we take your gear and use it on bridge inspections, moving through mud and shells trying to destroy your gear. We take care of your gear but abuse it to test its durability and how it will hold up to the diving community. This is valuable information because we can give you positive and negative feedback.

If you have any gear you want tested please call or email Frank at – frank@exnddiving.com

EXND Clients include:

Company                                           Equipment

US Divers                                           Personal Divers Harness

Dive Lab                                             Reduced feedback microphone for inside Kirby Morgan Helmets.

Innovative Dive Equipment                Mounting brackets for lights